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Office Rental Space Available at The Square CastletownBere - P75HE26

Office Rental Space Available at The Square CastletownBere - P75HE26
Status: To Rent
Rent (Monthly)
Location: CastletownBere
Type: Business
Living Areas:
Floor Area:
Plot Area:

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Tel: +353-27-70900
The Square
CastletownBere, P75YP92
Licence No 001846

Do you need a home for your startup?

Membership Options available.

You can choose between short or longterm packages tailored to the particular requirements of your venture.

Also available 2meetCom Service

2meetCom is a state of the art telecommunication and messanger system for individuals and businesses designed to meet maximum requirements.
The concept of ICS as part of 2meetCom is a free intracom smart City/Town VOIP communications system which provides a facility to connect users having their own free SIP telephone number to the worldwide telecommunication network through an extremely inexpensive update - and all this at very low telephone charges.
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Also we are looking for Stall owners who are interested in our indoor flee market which we plan to run every Sunday

Plus we plan to run a weekly Market every Thursday from 9am to 6pm (Market day in CastletownBere)